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Our Commitment to the Environment Continues

Today is World Environment Day, so what better time to reflect on our commitment towards creating a better planet for all?  

As is acknowledged in our Group mission, as a business today we face the triple challenge of serving people, planet, and profit. And we understand that, if we want to continue to thrive while respecting the Earth’s ecological limits, we must redesign our current models and adopt a regenerative mindset. Such a challenge calls on us to step up our ambition to go beyond simply mitigating our negative impacts and imagine how we can contribute to the planet’s regeneration.

We must act collectively and measure our environmental and social impacts carefully. We need to better understand our biodiversity footprint and continue to improve the agricultural practices associated with our plant-based ingredients.  

And above all, we will remain faithful to our Group’s original spirit, in which "with empowerment, we positively impact people and regenerate nature".