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Protecting your personal data

This policy serves to inform website visitors about the way in which their personal data is treated and protected when they visit the site. We recommend that you carefully read this policy before submitting your personal details.

L'Occitane International SA is responsible for the handling of personal data on the site.

We invite you to read this policy regularly in order for you to be aware of any modifications made to it and of the way in which we handle your personal information. These changes will be published on our site.

Our e-commerce and careers sites are subject to their own respective terms and conditions, personal data potection policies and cookies guidelines. We invite you to read these carefully when you visit these sites.

Collecting and using your personal data

When we refer to personal data, we mean all information that relates to a phsyical person who can be identified, whether dierctly or indirectly, by means of an ID number or by several characteristics that are distinct to that person only.

We may collect and use the following personal information from visitors to our site for the legitimate purpose and interest as defined below:

  • Data about your identity, in particular your civil status, your family name, your first name and your email address, which is collected when you complete the contact form when submitting your requests or questions. Information that is essential for use to be able to answer your request  is clearly marked with an asterix;
  • Data relating to your browsing session, such as the date, the time of your connection or visit, the type of browser used, the browser's language and your IP address. For more information, please consult our Cookies Policy for the site.

L'OCCITANE respects your right to privacy. We comply with the applicable data protection act and implement the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of your personal information. 

Sharing your personal data

We may share your personal information with certain departments within the L'OCCITANE Group or brands belonging to the group, as well as certain sub-contractors acting under our instructions. If so, we respect the confidentiality and security of your personal data and ensure that it is used only during the time required to carry out their respective tasks. 

To enable us to optimise the quality of the services available on our site and, bearing in mind that we are an international group, it is possible that your personal data may be shared beyond your home country and/or beyond the European Economic Area.

When this is the case, all necessary physical, organisational, procedural and technical measures are taken so that your personal data is kept safe and confidential.

Information storage period

We will store your personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes described above or for the period of time that respects the applicable law. 

Links to other sites, applications and services

Our site may provide you with links to other sites, applications and services aside from those exploited by the L'OCCITANE Group and its third parties.

Please note that the handling of your personal data by these sites is not approved by us, nor is it our responsibility, even though we provide the links that send you there. The companies managing these sites may have their own statements or policies with respect to the handling of your personal data, and we strongly recommend that you read them carefully.

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Your rights

You have the right to access, rectify, limit, oppose and delete that data that relates to you, in line with the appliable law. To do so, you will need to contact us by using the contact form on this site.


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