We offer a range of exciting opportunities for people who are passionate, enthusiastic and authentic.

Our retail teams are fully committed to satisfying our customers. The key to our success is their expertise, dedication and passion for our brands and we count on them to make our customers happy!

They also make the link between marketing and field operations, enabling us to improve our best practices and continue innovating and moving forward.

We offer several different functions, including: beauty advisor (BA), specialist BA, trainer, senior BA, store manager, account manager and duty free advisor.

Digital and customer experience

For all of our brands, the customer is our central focus. We aim to deliver inspirational, personalised and seamless customer experiences online and offline in more than 90 countries. 

Customer experience, marketing and digital teams work together and use their passion, energy and creative ideas to deliver strong and innovative digital, CRM and retail projects.

Marketing and communication

The L'OCCITANE Group brands offer indulgent beauty experiences inspired by the power of nature. 

Marketing oversees product development and promotion. This means working with departments across the entire company, from R&D to merchandising, consumer studies, communications and retail.

The communications teams promote our products and our brand values to customers, the media and the industry as a whole, optimising all possible offline and online channels.

The corporate communications department manages the Group's external image and reputation, our employer brand and internal communications.


Research and development

We aim to develop increasingly natural, sensorial and efficient products that exceed customer expectations and set new industry standards. Our dedicated laboratory experts share this passion for innovation and are constantly working to create new formulae, in line with our brand values. 

From sourcing plants to extracting and characterising active molecules, our experts work together to bring the best out of plants and guarantee the traceability and quality of our products.

The L'OCCITANE Group laboratory Nature Lab practises several techniques, including:

  • molecular and cellular biology,
  • analytical chemistry, microbiology,
  • plant extraction processes,
  • sensorial and clinical evaluation,
  • and formulation.


Supply chain

The L'OCCITANE Group operates 21 distribution centres spread across the world and three factories in France and in Brazil. 

An efficient supply chain allows us to provide our worldwide consumers with a comprehensive catalogue of products that can be easily purchased thanks to an omni-channel retail approach. Our teams work together with an end-to-end approach that aims at achieving top service quality and reactivity whilst reducing the overall cost. Customer satisfaction is of primary importance and our teams are continually working to get closer to our customers and optimise the customer experience. 



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