Why join the L'OCCITANE Group

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Working for the L'OCCITANE Group

Working for the L'OCCITANE Group means joining a team of talented individuals who work together to create unique beauty experiences for our customers that are inspired by the richness of nature.

The L'OCCITANE Group welcomes diverse perspectives and offers employees a safe space to take bold decisions, develop their entrepreneurial spirit and grow.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the importance of career development and maintaining talent. We offer regular learning opportunities, rich on-the-job experiences and scopes of work that enable skills to be nurtured and developed.

Together, we are on a mission to have a positive impact on people and nature.

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Employee Engagement

The L’OCCITANE Group’s annual employee engagement event, Move for People, connects employees from all over the world and encourages them to get moving.

With over 60 different types of physical activity to choose from, from walking to running to swimming (and everything in between), we hope our colleagues find something they love, or can’t wait to try. 

Every minute adds to every active hour, as we join together as one L’OCCITANE Group team to achieve our shared well-being goals!


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