Our culture

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Our values

Entrepreneurship, team spirit, leading by example and authenticity are the L'OCCITANE Group's core values.  

Working for L’OCCITANE means sharing these values. It means being positive and authentic, being ready to listen and showing consideration for others in order to move forward together. Working at L'OCCITANE also means sharing our commitment to nature and the environment and helping us to move towards even more sustainable development.

From our side, we take a pride in creating a convivial and challenging work environment where everyone feels comfortable taking initiatives, being innovative and pushing their limits.  

Our 4 core values

Reinold Geiger


Trust the people you work with. Give them autonomy and the means to become strong professionals. And make sure they have a strong sense of accountability.


Entrepreneurship is the ability to give meaning to the work we do, to take initiatives and calculated risks, to innovate and to adapt within an ever-changing environment.

Initiative – Pragmatism – Adaptability – Agility


Team spirit

Team spirit is the ability to cooperate and collaborate with others, to achieve common objectives and to work autonomously within a framework.

Trust – Support – Collaboration – Achievement

Team spirit

Leading by example

Leading by example means behaving as you would expect others to behave. Holding yourself accountable and setting high standards for yourself is the best way to positively influence others.

Accountability – Integrity – Respect – High Standards

Leading by example at L'OCCITANE


Authenticity is being humble, genuine and transparent in the way in which you communicate.

Humility – Transparency – Simplicity – Feedback




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