Preserving and regenerating biodiversity
Our business depends on nature. Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and guided by our Mission – ‘with empowerment we positively impact people and regenerate nature’ – we are committed to investing in biodiversity and finding sustainable solutions in order to create a better and healthier planet.

Our beauty and well-being products take inspiration from nature. This is why we have taken action for more than 40 years to preserve and restore nature.

Today we are at a turning point in tackling biodiversity loss. To contribute to a nature-positive future, we seek to develop beneficial ecosystems in and around fields. We aim to develop regenerative approaches to protect and restore biodiversity in collaboration with our partners and nature, and drive change for our business ecosystem and beyond.

- Improving the eco-design of our formulas
- Promoting sustainable sourcing of raw materials
- Reducing the impact of our production on water and land
Agroecology Collective
of ingredients in L’OCCITANE rinse-off formulas are easily biodegradable
Delivering dramatic changes to mitigate the climate crisis
The fight against climate change is a global issue that demands efforts from all of us. Businesses will be key to meeting the target recommended by the Paris Agreement of avoiding global warming of more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Climate change also directly affects our supplies of natural raw materials. It is our responsibility to contribute to fighting climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by our activities.

In order to contribute on its own scale, the L’OCCITANE Group has made the commitment to become a carbon net-zero company by 2050, following the Science-Based Targets initiative’s Net-Zero Standard: the first global, science-based standard for companies to set net-zero targets (published in October 2021).

The first milestone will be to reach net zero emissions in our two French production plants by 2025.

- Understanding the Group’s carbon footprint and roadmap
- Reducing emissions in logistics and supply chains
- Engaging in the energy transition
- Reducing pollution and waste across the value chain
of electricity from renewable sources
Net zero
emissions by 2030
Creating opportunities and empowering all people in our communities
Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and guided by our Mission – ‘with empowerment we positively impact people and regenerate nature’ – we are committed to developing all people who work or collaborate with us.

As a community-based group, we rely on the contributions of practitioners who act as ambassadors for nature, including our employees, suppliers, producers and farmers, as well as researchers and start-up leaders. It is only through their contributions that we can offer high-quality products and services while meeting today’s many challenges.

- Empowering and supporting our producers and local communities
- Promoting fair trade
- Promoting female leadership
- Promoting well-being, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
of L’OCCITANE en Provence’s and Melvita’s key raw materials are fair-trade certified
global parental leave policy offering 20 weeks’ fully paid leave for primary caregivers and 12 weeks for secondary caregivers

The L'OCCITANE Group's commitment to the planet

L'OCCITANE Group ESG Report FY2023
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