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What is a cookie?

Cookies are pieces of computer code stored on your computer or other mobile or handheld device when you visit certain pages of a website. Cookies allow the website to identify the origin of the computer or other mobile or handheld device during its session, or during the period for which cookies have been enabled. Certain cookies are essential for a website to function correctly, others allow the available content to be optimised and personalised.

Cookies on the website

Just one type of cookie is used on this website and its purpose is to measure the site's audience.

Cookies that measure a site's audience

These cookies are used to track our website usage and trends across the different pages, allowing us to know how our site being used and how it is performing. They enable us to create statistics and track the frequency and manner in which certains sections of our site are being consumed (content visited, navigation), allowing us to improve content and enhance our offer to better meet your preferences (the pages or sections most frequently visited, the articles most regularly viewed...). These cookes allow the L'OCCITANE Group to improve the overall performance and functionality of the site.

We use Google Analytics in particular to collect information about how visitors use the the site.

The personal data that is collected is stored for 13 months and is not used for other purposes.   

Your cookies options 

You can choose to accept that cookies will be set to your device, with the option of changing your decision at any time by amending your internet browser settings. Depending on your browser, you will have the following options: accept or "block" all cookies regardless of where they come from, or customise your settings so that you receive a message each time a cookie is set to your device, asking for your approval.

You can access additional information about the cookies used by Google Analytics and, in particular, how to disable them, by clicking on the following links:



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