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L’OCCITANE Group celebrates B Corp Month

L’OCCITANE Group are thrilled to be celebrating our first B Corp Month as a certified B Corp – and we’re proud to be a part of this community of businesses moving forward for a better world, for all.  

To qualify as a B Corp, we needed to meet high levels of performance, accountability, and transparency across a number of factors. Our overall B Impact score was 85.4, thanks in part to our global DE&I ambassadors programme, which successfully rolled out a global parental leave policy, giving 20 weeks of paid leave to primary caregivers and 12 to secondary caregivers.  

Also noted was our pioneering circular approach to manufacturing, supported by extensive efforts to develop more eco-friendly packaging, recycling, and product refill programmes – alongside the care and attention given to the level of quality and sustainability within all our products.  

Jonathan Normand

Executive Director of B Lab Switzerland

Collaboration is the cornerstone of transformative change. As we celebrate B Corp Month, I am profoundly inspired by L'OCCITANE Group's unwavering commitment to putting nature at the forefront of their agenda. Their relentless pursuit and leadership exemplify how collective action can yield sustainable progress. Together, we are not just aiming for a brighter future; we are actively constructing it, day by day. L'OCCITANE's journey is a beacon for all of us in the B Corp community, demonstrating how far we can go when we move forward in unison. Let's continue to set the standard for responsible business and create an enduring impact that spans generations.

But as you may know, B Corp certification isn’t where our work stops – it’s where it starts. L’OCCITANE Group will be applying for B Lab recertification in 2026, and we’ll be taking steps towards achieving an even higher score in the marked areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customer.  

We’re already more than a few steps along in our journey towards excelling beyond what’s expected of us, and we hope to achieve a much higher score in just two years’ time. But for now, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating B Corp Month, by taking a moment to reflect on the remarkable group effort it took to get us here today. We hope it makes you just as proud as it should!