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L'OCCITANE en Provence

L’OCCITANE embarks on Plastic Odyssey journey

Plastic Odyssey with L’OCCITANE Management

On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2019, L’OCCITANE en Provence has teamed up with Plastic Odyssey to support its extraordinary three-year sailing expedition to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans and help transform plastic waste into a new resource. L’OCCITANE is committed to limiting its impact on the environment wherever possible. By becoming the main partner of the Plastic Odyssey expedition, L’OCCITANE asserts its sustainability-focused mission to Reduce, Recycle and React to achieve its vision of a circular economy for plastic. 

Beginning in autumn 2020, a vessel powered by plastic waste converted into fuel by pyrolysis will sail along the most polluted coasts of Latin America, Africa and Asia. On its 40,000-nautical-mile journey, it will collect plastic waste, sort it and recycle it on board. On each of its 33 stopovers the expedition aims to sensitise people to the economic possibilities of recycling, and spread low-tech and open-source recycling technologies throughout the world. The ultimate goal is to create a future for plastic waste so it becomes a source of income for the most disadvantaged.

Plastic Odyssey is led by a crew of 20 engineers, marine professionals, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, visual designers and volunteers, all motivated to find solutions to bring an end to the dumping of plastic waste in the ocean. The 40-metre Victor Hensen has previously been employed for oceanographic research. It is currently adapted to the specific needs of the expedition. The front of the vessel focuses on waste reduction: the crew’s quarters will act as a source of inspiration for the zero-waste restaurants and hotel rooms of tomorrow. The back of the vessel houses a recycling workshop. Various machines will be tested on board, improved and adapted, depending on the local challenges faced throughout the expedition. The aim of this itinerant laboratory is to inspire local professional networks throughout the world to create their own plastic recycling centres. 

As Plastic Odyssey’s main partner, L’OCCITANE is funding both the expedition and the educational resources for stopovers along the way, for a duration of five years.

Adrien Geiger

L’OCCITANE en Provence Global Brand Director

We are facing an environmental crisis and companies need to do more than reduce their impact on the planet. The industry has a responsibility to be a driving force that pushes to find real solutions to repair the damage done to nature. We are extremely proud to be part of this incredible human adventure for the good of our planet.

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L’OCCITANE en Provence and Plastic Odyssey