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The link between skincare and wellbeing

Having healthy skin isn’t just about looking better – it’s about feeling better too. It’s a fact that having healthier skin can create a meaningful difference in the health of our bodies and the wellbeing of our minds.   It’s proven that the simple act of giving ourselves personal care and attention has a psychological effect, working to reinforce self-worth, raise confidence levels, and create a generally more positive disposition.   This in turn supports an overall feeling of wellness, known as the mind-body connection. Feeling better emotionally can have a positive impact on the way your body reacts – just in the way that stress, anxiety, and depression can unfortunately have a negative impact.  To have the desired effect, it’s key to find the right products for you – a balance between what your skin needs and the results you hope to see. Use products with quality ingredients, so you can fully immerse yourself in a routine without the fear that you’re doing more harm than good! And perhaps most importantly, your skincare routine should always make you feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for what comes next.  

In celebration of Global Wellness Day, may we suggest that you take some time to create a positive skincare experience for yourself today – whether that’s ten minutes in the mirror or a full hour of pampering, it might make you feel a lot better than you realise!