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Launch of a new Livelihoods Carbon Fund

Mangroves - Indonesia - Credits Hellio & Van Ingen

Capitalising on a robust 10-year experience, Livelihoods is launching a third Livelihoods Carbon Fund (LCF3) to support rural communities in their effort to preserve or restore their natural ecosystems and improve their livelihood through sustainable farming practices. 
In a booming international carbon market, Livelihoods confirms its unique and singular positioning: linking people and the planet, businesses and NGOs, investments in nature-based solutions and social value creation. 

With a first closing of €150 million, LCF3 aims at improving the lives of 2 million people while delivering up to 30 million carbon offsets over the entire duration of the fund: 24 years. To achieve this transition, a total of 14 companies and financial investors are expected to join LCF3 in a common investment vehicle: Bel Group, Chanel, Danone, Eurofins, Global Environmental Facility, Hermès, L’OCCITANE Group, Mars, Mauritius Commercial Bank, McCain Foods, Orange, SAP, Schneider Electric and Voyageurs du Monde.

The common goal? Accelerate action and scale-up nature-based solutions for the benefit of people, climate, and biodiversity. 

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Launch of a new Livelihoods Carbon Fund