The continuous growth of the L’OCCITANE Group is a collective success. All our employees, driven by the values of entrepreneurship and team work, share in the ambition of the Group and contribute to its success.

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Olivier Baussan was already a passionate, determined entrepreneur when he created L'OCCITANE at the age of 23. This same spirit continues to drive and nurture the employees of the L'OCCITANE Group. Setting ambitious objectives, building on initiatives and new ideas, recognizing the right to make mistakes, moving fast and adapting to changes in our environment... It is principles such as these that add to the dynamic of the Group every day and make it an ideal environment in which to grow and develop one's potential.

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Every day, we nurture the team spirit, for there cannot be any long-term success without the involvement and contribution of each employee. Through confidence, listening to others, working together and sharing the same ambition, we are able to respond more quickly, to keep finding better solutions, and to improve our performance in a competitive world. It is essential for different professions, departments and sites to share information and cooperate in order to continue our growth throughout the world.