Respect for nature

From the design of our products to their production and distribution, the L'OCCITANE Group takes care to minimize its impact on the environment.

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Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Formulas Back to top

The principles of eco-design are applied, first and foremost, to the formulation of our products. With a focus on continuous improvement, we are constantly developing our methods and processes. We must be able to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our formulas, and ensure that they are a true pleasure to use, while respecting others and the environment. This commitment is clear through:

  • the use (as often as possible) of plant-derived active ingredients with proven traceability,
  • the development of formulas that are consumer and environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free.

Over 300 plant-derived ingredients are used in our formulas. 25% are certified organic.

Eco-Designed Packaging Back to top

All of the departments involved in packaging development strive to find the best compromise between aesthetics, ease of use, respect for the environment and the basic functions of the packaging. Our approach revolves around three key themes: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. This approach has been made easier by the Eco-Design training given to the employees in these teams, and is reflected in:

  • the use of card and paper from sustainably managed forests,
  • the development of eco-refills,
  • the use of recycled or plant-derived materials whenever possible,
  • the elimination of certain decorative elements, so that the products can be recycled,
  • the development of environmental evaluations as a decision-making tool,
  • the scientific evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of products by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA),
  • trialling the environmental labelling scheme.

To give packaging a second life, 15 eco-refills are available in our stores, using up to 90% less plastic.

Production & Logistics Back to top

The Environment and Production

Every day, we strive to reconcile industrial activity with respect for the environment by controlling our water and energy consumption on production sites, by improving management of effluents (waste water) and waste, and by structuring our environmental practices through the ISO 14001 approach.

A number of concrete actions have been taken, such as:

  • creating an eco-factory at our production site in the Ardèche,
  • involving in a ISO 14001 approach, with the certification of our head office in Geneva, our production sites, our site in Paris and our company-owned L'OCCITANE and Melvita stores in France.
  • strengthening the Green Transport Plans for the industrial and administrative sites, to encourage more employees to use carpooling and company-financed collective transport, as a way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Optimizing Logistics Flows

Since 2010, there has been an overall evaluation of ways to simplify our logistics flows. We are focusing our efforts on reducing CO2 emissions generated by freight by taking concrete actions, such as using combined road-rail transport and electric delivery trucks to deliver products to stores.

  • A new export platform has been built in Manosque, enabling us to minimize the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain. This platform has been awarded the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) label.
  • An internal validation process, to curb the use of air freight, has been implemented.
  • The logistics hub in northern France, from where goods are transported to the entire Europe zone, is now linked to the Manosque factory by combined road-rail transport.

72% of goods were transported to our distribution subsidiaries by sea.

Stores Back to top

Our stores are a reflection of our commitments. With more than 2,700 stores throughout the world, it is extremely important for the L'OCCITANE Group to ensure that they are eco-designed. In October 2012, our company-owned L'OCCITANE and Melvita stores in France obtained ISO 14001 certification.

In concrete terms, this commitment to eco-design can be seen in:

  • the use of eco-friendly materials (such as lime) and low-energy lighting,
  • a 100% renewable electricity supply for company-owned stores in France that are able to choose their supplier directly,
  • the use of electric transport to deliver goods to stores in the Paris region.

86% of L'OCCITANE and Melvita company-owned stores in France have a contract for 100% renewable electricity.