Our jobs

The L’OCCITANE Group offers a wide range of jobs, from the conception and production of products to their commercialization. Marketing and communication, R&D, sales, e-commerce, design… here is a look at our jobs.


Marketing / Communication Back to top

Marketing and communications play strategic roles in the competitive world of the Group's brands.

The marketing department oversees the development of products and works with all the departments in the company - from the conception of ideas to research and development, merchandising, consumer studies, communications and, finally, the sale of the products.

Our professions can be grouped into four categories:

  • Marketing development,
  • Operational marketing,
  • Merchandising,
  • Communications.


Head of Melvita Skincare & Bodycare

« I work as Group Manager in the International Marketing department of the Melvita brand. My role is to design and develop the Melvita organic skincare products of tomorrow, with the help of product managers (formulas, packaging, design, price, communications, etc.).
I love the fact that I have to be innovative and can call on my creativity to produce something that is very real: products that sell. I also love the international dimension of the group: every day, we're in touch with our subsidiaries abroad, and it's up to us to create products that will be a worldwide success! »

Laboratories Back to top

The L’OCCITANE Group has its own Laboratory. The teams are working on the formmulation of our products, their security and safety as well as their compliance with various national regulations. The laboratory brings together several fields:

  • molecular and cellular biology,
  • analytical chemistry, microbiology,
  • plant extraction processes,
  • sensorial and clinical evaluation,
  • formulation, through several laboratories (prospective, skincare, personal care, hair care, etc.).
  • formulation (skincare, personal care, hair care, etc.).


Formulation Engineer

« When we launch a new product, the marketing department gives us abrief to work from:price range, the texture of a cream, the color, etc. Together, we see if it is possible. Then we look at how to meet the objective. We can work from formulas that we have already developed, scientific innovations, or discussions with suppliers of raw materials. We test an average of fifteen formulas per product, but it all depends on the level of difficulty. It can be anywhere between five and fifty! »

Production and Distribution Back to top

The L’OCCITANE Group has two production sites, based in France (in Manosque and Lagorce) both recently renovated.

A variety of roles is represented in the supply chain (production, maintenance, quality, purchasing, packaging, technical operations). Every day, their work focuses on the objective of operational excellence, ensuring that all operations (production, packaging, and the Group's products) are carried out in accordance with the high standards of hygiene and quality expected by our customers.


Operations Manager, Logistics Platforms

« I joined the Group just over a year ago, to manage the logistics platforms in Manosque. Within a short time, other employees showed that they had confidence in me, and this enabled me to implement some projects that I felt were necessary in order to meet the objectives that had been set (increasing productivity, improving fill rates, etc.). I was able to count on the support and efforts of my teams, who quickly took on the tasks involved. I am confident about the future and convinced that the many projects we have already begun, as well as future projects, will bring pleasure and success. »

Support staff Back to top

The support teams lend their expertise to the entire organization on a daily basis and help maintain the strong growth in our sales.

  • The management and finance teams make choices about costs, deadlines and quality, drawing on their extensive knowledge of the organization, brands and operational levels.
  • The legal teams protect the standing of the brands and also intervene in all matters related to law (commercial, property, labor, fiscal, ethics). The human resources teams work with managers to anticipate career changes, help employees develop their careers, and provide support in the case of changes within the organization.
  • Always at the cutting edge of the latest technological developments, the IT teams develop and operate information systems that contribute to improving the procedures used by all professions and better sharing information within the Group.


Internal Audit Manager

« Our aim is to ensure that the Group is in control, to maximize its operations and to limit the risks that could prevent it from being successful. We provide advice, share best practices, and conduct audits both in our subsidiaries and headquarters. So part of my job is to travel worldwide.
Internal audit at L’OCCITANE is particularly interesting and motivating. Because this is a fast-moving company, which is still growing, procedures are still being implemented and must be adapted as the business grows. »

Stores and Wholesale Back to top

Our sales teams, whether they work for the Wholesale channel or our stores, are completely dedicated to satisfying their customers. Their expertise, attachment to and passion for our brands, as well as their ability to capture our customers' imagination, are the keys to our success. By forming the link between our marketing departments and our production and retail teams they also enable us to improve our practices and continue innovating.

Our professions can be divided into four categories:

  • Sales Associates
    The Sales Associate acts as an ambassador for the brand. With a flair for selling, s/he welcomes customers, gives them the best advice, and gains their loyalty. On a daily basis, s/he ensures that the store runs smoothly. S/he has excellent relational skills, is able to adapt easily, and loves a challenge.

  • Store Managers
    Within his/her store, the Store Manager's role is to boost turnover and drive sales. S/he is responsible for customer satisfaction, managing stocks and ensuring that merchandising is in line with company guidelines. A true manager, s/he recruits, trains and supervises the teams of sales associates (2 to 6 employees). Passionate about the L'OCCITANE brands, s/he makes sure that his/her team is united by the same values and objectives. S/he is always prepared to take initiatives in order to recruit new customers, ensure their satisfaction and gain their loyalty.

  • District Store Manager
    The District Store Manager oversees several stores in his/her region. An expert in point-of-sale management, s/he works with the store teams, develops best practices, guides the performance of his/her cluster of stores and monitors customer satisfaction. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a strategic vision, s/he is focused on the growth of the business.

  • Wholesale / B2B Coordinator
    The Wholesale/B2B Coordinator is an ambassador for the brand, responsible for maintaining the image of the brand while working with our independent retail customers. S/he is in charge of developing sales in his/her region, working with pharmacies, drugstores and premium clients.
    With a strong interest in beauty, s/he is autonomous, with excellent relational skills and a good business sense.


Responsable régional

« Selling at L'OCCITANE begins with listening to and talking with customers. We give them a warm welcome and invite them to discover our products in a pleasant environment, in the colors and scents of Provence. We try to make sure that our customers see the sensorial aspect of our products, so that they really take pleasure in using them. One of the services we provide is perfuming our customers. That way, even when they've left the store, they still have a souvenir of their visit, and their Provençal experience will remain in their memory all day long. »

Digital Back to top

The digital teams are growing fast. Every day, they work on developing our e-commerce websites, updating information on social networks, and strengthening interactions with other distribution channels. The skills required are constantly changing, to keep up with the latest innovations and new purchasing habits. Our teams cover all Internet skills:

  • Digital marketing,
  • E-CRM,
  • Community management,
  • Web design,
  • Development and integration,
  • Training.


Front-End, Social & Mobile Development Manager

« My job at L’OCCITANE ? I’m the Front-End, Social & Mobile Development Manager. I’m responsible for developing the user interface of our websites and applications on social network and on mobile for the L’OCCITANE Group. No, we’re not geeks coding all day long! We conceive high-performing and innovative sites and “apps” to support the image of our brands in the many countries where they are present.
What do I like the most? The constant R&D that we are driven to perform in order to produce projects that are always more attractive and which incorporate the latest technology. »

Design Back to top

The objective of the Design and Concept team is simple: to offer our customers a unique experience, regardless of the size of the store or the type of distribution channel in which our brands express themselves.

From the design of the store to its completion, the team provides solutions to different problems, while offering our customers more service, more quality and more coherence, consistent with the brand's DNA.

Our team consists of:

  • Architects,
  • Merchandisers,
  • Purchasers.


Head of Artistic Design and Architecture

« I’m Head of Artistic Design & Architecture Development at L’OCCITANE. My job is to develop the brand’s architectural identity, with innovative designs that reflect the Provençal roots of L'OCCITANE, while also providing a contemporary twist. What I like the most is the creative freedom I’m given, as well as the chance to highlight the brand’s cultural heritage through design, all over the world!
What's so special about working at L’OCCITANE? First and foremost, the people who work there: passionate, driven and always excited by the brand - which leads to equally passionate and interesting projects! »