Commitment to employees

A responsible company is a company that gets involved on behalf of its employees.

The L’OCCITANE Group is actively committed to diversity, social dialogue and the personal development of its employees. It also enables them to get really involved in causes that are close to their hearts.

Diversity Back to top


The L’OCCITANE Group is committed to helping people with disabilities get into the workplace. Over 6% of its employees in France are disabled workers. This means that the Group is one of the few companies to go above the minimum required by law.

Our commitment is reflected in :

  • the recruitment of disabled workers,
  • raising awareness of disability among managers and employees,
  • working with organizations for disabled workers (ESAT vocational centers, "Entreprise Adaptée" disability-friendly companies),
  • collaboration with the ARPEJEH organization, which supports young disabled people through their studies and helps them get into the workplace,
  • a day-to-day focus on keeping disabled workers in employment and ensuring that workstations are ergonomically designed.

Gender parity

Diversity within the Group is also expressed through an action plan aimed at promoting equality between men and women in the workplace. Our commitment is reflected in:

  • support for parents, with places reserved for the company at day care centers close to the industrial sites,
  • actions aimed at guaranteeing equal pay for men and women,
  • promoting women to management positions.

7.46% The percentage of disabled workers for our industrial sites in 2012 (direct and indirect employment).

Social dialogue Back to top

A stimulating, good-quality social environment is absolutely essential for each employee to develop and grow. The L'OCCITANE Group is very attentive to this.

Our commitment is reflected in:

  • negotiating and regularly signing agreements with social partners,
  • training managers, so that they are able to create conditions conducive to a high standard of social dialogue,
  • creating and maintaining jobs in the region: the L’OCCITANE Group is a major employer in Haute-Provence.

Well-being at work Back to top

The L'OCCITANE Group constantly strives to ensure the well-being of its employees at work.
Our commitment is reflected in many investments, with regard to:

  • safety and ergonomics,
  • the balance between private and professional life,
  • combating stress and reducing the risk of occupational stress.

Our Manosque and Lagorce sites have set up shuttle buses for people working shifts, and encourage employees to use carpooling. Activities aimed at improving the well-being of employees are also available, such as yoga and Pilates lessons, and even massage sessions!

Employees helping others Back to top

The L'OCCITANE Group encourages and helps its employees to get involved.

In 2011, the Employee Commitment Program was created for employees in France. It offers them the opportunity to do their bit and get involved in three different ways:

  • financially, by making a donation to support women's projects in Burkina Faso,
  • by going on a mission to Burkina Faso, to teach women how to make soaps,
  • by volunteering to get involved in a local community project.

Within the framework of this program, the Group allows each employee one day per year to work on a community action project.