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The L’OCCITANE Group is experiencing strong growth and offers its employees the opportunity to develop their skills and build their career. The Group invests significantly in training and support for its employees.


Internships / Apprenticeships / Young Graduates Back to top

Recruiting new talents is a priority to support the growth of the L'OCCITANE Group. There are many assignments within all of our departments: marketing development and operational marketing, sales, merchandising, research and development, packaging, etc.

These assignments allow people to learn new skills by being given responsibilities and getting involved in the projects of a department. Interns attend a dedicated induction course, during which they learn about the L'OCCITANE Group and its objectives. Two formal interviews are also part of the internship: one half-way through, and the other at the end of the internship. These give the intern and his/her mentor an opportunity to discuss progress and performance.

We give priority to young graduates when recruiting interns, and therefore pay particular attention to the quality and follow-up of assignments.

Mobility Back to top

The L'OCCITANE Group strongly encourages internal mobility: it plays a role in the development of the company, motivates employees and promotes employee loyalty. It is the main tool for employee development within the L’OCCITANE Group, enabling each person to grow professionally by acquiring new skills, taking on new responsibilities or discovering a new environment.

It is up to each employee to take control of his/her development. Employees can change job or location, or gain more responsibilities, based on their skills and motivations. They have access to all job openings within the company.

Training Back to top

The L’OCCITANE Group has put in place a range of actions and tools to ensure the personal and professional development of its employees.

  • A personalized welcome for all new arrivals, so that they can be informed of the contribution expected from everyone to the commitments of the Group.

  • In France, in addition to the standard performance evaluation interview, there is a yearly Personal Development Interview, when employees can discuss training they would like to undertake in the short and medium term. It also gives employees the opportunity to discuss career goals with their managers. Training thus becomes part of a real professional development project.

  • In France, L’OCCITANE has had an ambitious training policy for many years and devotes almost 5% of payroll to helping its employees improve and develop their skills.

In France, 92% of employees attended at least one training course over the year 2014.

The Académie L'OCCITANE Back to top

Sales associates attend specific training sessions focused on sales techniques and knowledge of the products. They follow a two-year training program that enables them to learn all the relevant professional skills, as well as selling styles and ways in which to welcome customers that are specific to the L'OCCITANE Group.

In France, each employee, regardless of age, education or status, is also eligible for the Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience -a procedure that allows any French educational institution to grant professional certificates based partly or totally on work experience.

The Académie L’OCCITANE is an international training program, available in all countries. It is both a structure that groups together all the training courses offered by the L'OCCITANE Group and a training area, where employees learn, practice and train in conditions similar to real-life situations. The Académie L’OCCITANE also gives employees access to information about products, techniques and sales tips via an m-learning platform, accessible online, in stores or at home, via all digital devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets).