Founded by a French beekeeper, Melvita has always been inspired by the unique relationship between the bee and nature. Just as the bee selects nature's purest nectars to create precious honeys, Melvita selects the very best organic ingredients to create safe and natural beauty products for all the family.


The name Melvita comes from the juxtaposition of two Latin words: "mel", meaning "honey", and "vita", meaning "life". It refers to the extraordinary work of bees, who represent a coming-together of the plant and animal kingdoms.


For Melvita, beauty is real, authentic, alive and organic. Beauty is a true reflection of oneself. Beauty is natural. That's why Melvita's mission is to promote a responsible and healthy way of life, through the very best organic, natural and effective beauty and well-being products.


Melvita is deeply committed to three core values:

Expertise: Because the brand was founded by a biologist and beekeeper, Melvita can draw on extensive organic and scientific expertise. Thanks to the technical knowledge of its R&D team - which creates innovative and powerful synergies with over 650 "high-tech" and traditional organic ingredients - Melvita has been the French pioneer in organic beauty care since 1983. Melvita was indeed the first company in France to be awarded Ecocert certification, and aims always to go beyond the minimum standards of the Cosmebio charter.

Love of nature: Created by a beekeeper in the wild countryside of the Ardèche, Melvita's philosophy reflects a desire to live life "at one with nature". Based on this holistic vision of beauty, Melvita's products deliver a "breath of pure nature", to reconnect with the living world and reveal both inner and outer beauty.

Commitment: Melvita is deeply committed to protecting bees and nature. From its eco-factory in the Ardèche to the fair trade sourcing of its ingredients and a permanent focus on controlling its carbon footprint (packaging and transport), Melvita works constantly to reduce its environmental impact. The Melvita Foundation supports projects that protect bees and promote organic farming.


In 1983, when Bernard Chevilliat was practicing migratory beekeeping in the Ardèche, he had the idea of creating a hexagonal soap using his bee products. The launch of the soap was such a success that Bernard decided to go on to create more safe and natural beauty products.

In 1998, Melvita created the "Melvita natural charter". Specific to Melvita, it was the first of its kind in France that set out guidelines for "true" natural products. In 2002, when Cosmebio established its charter for organic products, Melvita was the first French beauty brand to be certified organic by Ecocert.

In 2008, Melvita becomes a part of the L'OCCITANE Group.

In 2009, Melvita decided to expand and started opening stores in Eastern Europe, Russia, the United Kingdom, America and Asia. Today, Melvita can be found in over 20 countries around the world.

Deeply committed to nature, Melvita created its own Foundation, which supports projects aimed at protecting bees and promoting organic farming.

Today, Melvita is proud to be the French pioneer in organic beauty care - a position it has held since 1983. It continues to innovate and create unique textures and formulas. It also continues to focus on always taking a responsible approach, from its eco-factory in the Ardèche to its eco-stores and spa.


In addition to bee products and food supplements, Melvita offers a wide range of beauty and well-being products for the whole family.