Erborian was created by two women: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. They share the same dream, that of revealing Korean beauty secrets to the rest of the world. A veritable fusion of French luxury and Korean natural cosmetics, Erborian associates the most sophisticated technologies and the best ingredients from Korean pharmacopeia (traditional pharmaceutical knowledge) to create unique formulas.


Erborian’s name is derived from the words "Herbs of the Orient". Our name evokes the synergy of plants that is at the heart of the formulation of each of our products, inspired by powerful preparations of traditional Korean medicine.


Erborian passes down traditional Korean beauty secrets to women and men around the world by combining the best of traditional Korean pharmacopeia with scientific research with French sensibility and savoir faire.


Tradition: Our products draw their efficiency from traditional Korean medicine. The formulation of our products is inspired by the herbal synergies of traditional Korean medicine. The active plant extracts are derived using the traditional natural method of decoction.

Avant-garde: Erborian adapts Asian skincare expertise to beauty rituals around the world. Erborian continuously innovates by proposing surprising, unprecedented concepts, vehicles for "intelligent beauty." Our exclusive formulas, developed by our laboratory based in Seoul, use the most advanced technologies, and are avant-garde in the cosmetic industry.

Harmony: Erborian came about following the is the front of a meeting between two women: one Asian with scientific expertise and scientific, the other a Westerner and a beauty globe-trotter. This harmonious dynamic is the source of our creativity, a search for the perfect harmony between Man and Nature, internal and external beauty, Science and Nature.


Erborian was created in 2007 by two women: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. A perfect balance between Seoul and Paris, Hojung Lee develops sophisticated formulas and Katalin Berenyi uses her creativity to devise innovative concepts to create high-end products, inspired both by traditional Korean medicine and modern French luxury.

In 2009, Erborian launched the first BB Cream™ in Europe. This cream was an immediate international success and won the 2010 Beauty Awards Prize. The brand is distributed in selected retailers in over 20 countries, including China.

In 2012, Erborian becomes a part of the L'OCCITANE Group.


Erborian conceives beauty products of Korean origin with refined textures that are naturally invigorating. Erborian proposes an expert beauty ritual and is an avant-garde innovator in the cosmetic industry. BB Cream™, Ginsing Elixir and Yuza Sorbet are the star products of our complete range of skincare.