L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL celebrates the richness of natural ecosystems and the abundant culture of Brazil. L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL is born from the union of the values, expertise and savoir-faire of L'OCCITANE en PROVENCE and Brazilian liveliness.


The name L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL symbolizes the union of L'OCCITANE with Brazil and the same desire for local roots characteristic of L'OCCITANE, by using Brazilian ingredients, collaborating with Brazilian artists and making products in Brazil.


L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL passes on a passion for Brazilian nature, the art of living and traditions through natural and effective cosmetic products, which are sources of natural well-being.


Authenticity: Each of our products has a true story: that of ingredients of traceable origin, cultivated by producers employing local traditions while also operating under precise conditions. To develop its formulas and identify novel ingredients, L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL derived its inspiration from the observation of Brazilian biodiversity.

Sensoriality: Our beauty products are a combination of tradition, nature and scientific research. Our patented formulas, which combine natural Brazilian ingredients and are subjected to dermalogical tests to guarantee their effectiveness and reliability. Our researchers work to continuously improve our products. With their textures and fragrances, the products of L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL offer a delicious moment of well-being and a unique experience for your senses.

Respect: L'OCCITANE tries to limit the environmental impact of its activity and its products, to improve the well-being of its clients and employees, and to support cherished causes whenever possible. The packaging, printing materials and cardboard that we use are made from sustainably-managed forests and do not use chlorine. We avoid over-packaging and favor the recycling of our products.


Olivier Baussan created L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE because he wanted to share the richness of Provence and ithe local art-de-vivre. 35 years later, it is with this same passionate outlook that Olivier Baussan discovered the captivating country of Brazil with its diversity, nature, and love of life.

Today, the richness of this territory inspires a new brand, L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL. Made in Brazil, its products honor natural ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity and a design born from a collaboration with local artists.

2013 marks the debut of the commercialization of L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL products.


L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL proposes perfumes, sun care and body care products worldwide, and haircaire products in Brazil, made from ingredients derived from Brazilian biodiversity.