The L'OCCITANE Group is a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products retailer. The Group has five brands (L’OCCITANE en Provence, Melvita, Le Couvent des Minimes, Erborian and L'OCCITANE au Brésil) in its portfolio and is committed to developing and retailing high quality products that are rich in natural and organic ingredients of traceable origins and respect for the environment.

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FY 2015
Retail locations: 2,797
Own retail stores: 1,384
Employees: 8,050
Revenue: 1.18 Billions €
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December 2015
L’OCCITANE has been rewarded by the Club Génération Responsable for its global environmental approach and the ISO 14001 certification of its activities.

November 2015
Discover our new 2015 Sustainability Report: we are pleased to share examples of concrete achievements and progress indicators that illustrate how we express, on a daily basis, our social and environmental responsibility. This report is also an opportunity for us to reaffirm our ongoing support for the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which we officially joined in 2011.

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"At the very heart of our business are authentic and natural products respectful of men and their environnement. With these products and a resilient business model and sustainable development have allowed us to achieve strong performance."

- Reinold Geiger

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Group History Group History  

1976: L'OCCITANE is founded by Olivier Baussan, with the dream of sharing the Mediterranean art-de-vivre and savoir-faire with the world.

1997: Creation of the L'OCCITANE Group launch of our internationalization strategy by Reinold Geiger.

2004: Inspired by the traditions of simplicity and generosity of the Franciscan missionaries, Le Couvent des Minimes skincare brand is founded.

2007: Erborian is founded, uniting the virtues of Korean cosmetic science and French luxury and marketing expertise.

2008: L'OCCITANE aquires a majority share stake in Melvita, the first step in the creation of a family of natural beauty brands.

2010: To support the growth of the Group, the company is listed on the HKSE.

2012: Erborian becomes a part of the L'OCCITANE Group, the most recent addition to its family of natural skincare brands.

2013: Creation of the L'OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL brand to celebrate Brazilian biodiversity.

2013: For the first time, the L'OCCITANE Group turnover exceeds 1 billion euros.